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About Us

We are a team of experienced technology professionals - executives, engineers, product and project managers, and more - dedicated to helping companies of all sizes build products and solutions, leveraging the latest tools, methods and ideas to deliver real business value.

We operate worldwide, with partners on four continents and clients across the globe. While the majority of work we do is remote, we are also available for in-person meetings, on-site team work, trade shows and other events, and more.

Services + Solutions

Our client relationships typically include a combination of deliverables - a varying mix of solutions and services contributing to the technology backbone of a product or business. As requirements change over time, our flexible no-commitment model keeps control in your hands: get the right resources for your needs and budget as you move forward.

roles, advisory & consulting

executive (CTO, CIO, Chief Architect)
budget & resource planning · hiring & team building · process · best practice · mentorship

team lead
project management · code review · training · agile

due diligence
private & corporate investors · audits & preparation

architecture & documentation

workflow · user experience · API · database

system architecture
tech stack · standards · dependencies

product roadmap
timeline planning · resource allocation

software & hardware


web · mobile · desktop · decentralized

process automation

reporting & analytics


While we are generally industry- and vertical-agnostic, part of what we do involves identifying, engaging with, and working with experts in specific areas - be it business, technical or scientific. Our experience in some areas has given us particular understanding, knowledge, and access to relevant expertise.

  • healthcare

  • international trade & commodities

  • blockchain & cryptocurrency

  • AdTech, MarTech & RTB (real-time auction)

  • machine learning & artificial intelligence

  • control & automation

  • military & IoT

  • banking & e-commerce


We've been helping companies reach their goals since 2010.

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